Bonding and Bridging is a project by Egoli Africa.

Egoli Africa is a Dutch-Ugandan ngo, having worked in the east of Uganda since 2008.  Egoli Africa is active in the fields of education, health and agriculture.  To find out more about our work in Uganda, check our website and facebook page.

Bonding and Bridging is a platform for teachers (both primary and secondary teachers) and community workers.  Bonding and Bridging aims to offer teachers and community workers a collection of lively, educational materials that can be used in lessons.  We gather educational materials which can be printed and used by you, teachers and community workers. There is a focus on promoting reading and attention for literacy programs.

In Uganda, we aim to have educational kits available for community workers in Jinja and Kamuli district that can be used in workshops or when sensitizing your communities about for example health or agriculture related topics.

We invite you to join the platform, contribute by sharing materials with your colleagues and use materials that are useful to you in your lessons.