As a teacher or community worker you can join this platform.  You can join this platform, use the educational materials in your lessons or workshops and contribute by submitting interesting educational materials for your colleagues at your own school or organisation across the country.

We aim to make our lessons useful and attractive for our pupils and community members by creating a great source for educational materials.

Join our Facebook group and actively contribute by providing, sharing and using materials.

If you want to share any interesting educational materials, please contact us and provide us with info such that we can upload it on this site for others to use it in their lessons:

  1.  Level and year. Are the materials suitable for primary or secondary level? Which class are the materials suitable for: p1,p2…s1, s2…. s5, s6? Let us know such that we can categorize it well.
  2. Subject or Topic
  3. Type of educational material (chart, table, text, crossword etc).
  4. For community projects: are the materials for health or agriculture related topics etc?

As a member of our Facebook group, you are able to upload your content directly.  To feature your content on this website, you are invited to send us an email with the materials such that we can upload it for you.

The Bonding and Bridging team