Free little library

In 2009, the first free little library was built. Today, there are more than 80,000 free little libraries in the world!

The concept is simple: take a book, return a book.

It would be great to see this concept become popular in Uganda too. Therefore, we stimulate schools to set up a free little library. Does your school in Kamuli or Jinja district want to set up a free library too and need some help? Get in touch to get things started!

You can be creative as you like when building your own free little library. The website of Little Free Library itself has got instructions on how to make one yourself, but you can make a library of any type or size.

How to start your own little free library?

  1. Determine where you want the little free library to be
  2. Build and set up the little free library
  3. Appoint a caretaker (someone who sees to it that library is maintained well and used appropriately)
  4. Get your community involved and build support for the concept of take a book, return a book (and promote the importance of reading!)

Let us know where we can find your free little library. And if you like, you can even register it on the website of Free Little Library such that your library is visible on the world map!